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       from a dream to reality...       


Triskele Bodycrafts is a cottage business passionate about creating natural personal and home care products that promote wholistic wellness. Our products are created to work in harmony with the Body's natural system to ignite the senses, cleanse, moisturise, preserve and beautify the way nature intended.


We create our range with minimal impact on the environment, sourcing organic ingredients wherever possible. Triskele products are 100% active and contain no fillers - meaning every ingredient has a purpose.

Our Beautiful range is free from harsh chemicals that are found in almost all commonly used personal care products - even those that claim to be 'natural'. Chemically laden products are harmful when applied on your skin or inhaled and easily absorbed by your body. These chemicals are not recognized by the body so therefore start accumulating causing a myriad of known health problems. Our skin is the body's largest organ, it’s most important job is to clean all the muck & chemicals we are bombarded with daily. So This is why it is so important to NATURALLY nourish and protect our skin.


We, at Triskele Bodycrafts, have created beautiful, affordable natural products your body and soul will absolutely love. Our products are empowered with essential oils which are the purest and most ancient form of skincare and then magicified by infusing crystal essences and reiki.

Using Triskele Bodycrafts you can achieve a healthy glow naturally and be assured you are not harming your body. Created from Mother Nature for you to enjoy her Bliss…



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